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About TREA


To enhance the quality of life for uniformed services enlisted personnel, their families and survivors - including active components, Reserves, and National Guard, and all retirees; to stop the erosion of earned benefits through our legislative efforts, to maintain our esprit de corps, dedication and patriotism, and to continue our devotion and allegiance to God and Country.


A nonprofit retired military veteran's organization, shall be to represent the rights and interests of enlisted retirees before the Congress of the United States when matters effecting them are under consideration; assist its members, both professionally and culturally; to promote health, prosperity and fellowship among its members, their dependents and survivors, through benevolent programs; to foster fraternal and social activities in recognition that cooperative action is required for the furtherance of their common interests; to uphold the Constitution of the United States, improve the relationship between the military and civilian populace and to maintain liaison with active and reserve component personnel of the armed forces.


The men and women of our armed services have willingly sacrificed much to serve our nation and protect our freedoms. Almost from the beginning of our nation the people and government of this country have acknowledged the debt we owe to those who have served.

Between the people, the members of the uniformed services and the government there has always been an implicit contract -- the nation would care for the health and welfare of those who serve (and their families) while on duty and afterward.

Then in 1956, the Dependant Medical Care Act changed health care for military retirees forever with the language: "Medical and dental care in any medical facility of the uniformed services furnished... subject to the availability of space, facilities, and the capabilities of the medical staff, to retired members of the uniformed services."

From that day until this, medical care for retired military personnel and their families has been steadily cut by the politicians in Washington.

THE RETIRED ENLISTED ASSOCIATION (TREA) was founded in 1963 by two men retired from the Air Force -- Master Sergeant George Skonce and Master Sergeant Dean Sorell. These two dedicated retirees realized that they and their fellow enlisted retirees had no voice in the corridors of power to stand up for their hard-earned rights and promised benefits.

Today, The Retired Enlisted Association has grown to become the most influential organization working to protect and ensure the health and welfare of all military personnel, especially retirees.


Just as freedom can only be protected through eternal vigilance, so it is with the promised health and welfare benefits of retired military personnel.

Ever since the 1956 Act, pressure to cut back on the cost of military retiree benefits -- especially health care -- has grown relentlessly. Unless we can remain vigilant on your behalf, there is little to stop that trend from continuing.

The leaders of TREA and our legislative staff in Washington cannot fight alone -- we need you faith, help, and support. In short, we need you to join TREA and help us in any way you can.

We have chapters across the country. After joining, a representative from our nearest chapter may contact you and provide additional information on how you can help. You can also get information from TREA about pending legislation affecting retirees and taking part in our grass-roots lobbying efforts.

However, if you are not able to take such an active role, the simple step of paying your annual membership due is a tremendous help.

In the battle to get attention in the halls of Congress, the corridors of the Pentagon, and the offices of the White House, just like in most battles, big numbers count.

As the most powerful voice for retired enlisted personnel, TREA has the kind of clout no other organization has. We can only continue to have this kind of clout and influence if retired AND active duty men and women like you join TREA and stay with us for the long haul.

Why Should You Join TREA…?

You Need TREA and TREA Needs You. As TREA grows in membership and stature, our voices grow louder in Washington, DC. The larger our numbers, the more we can accomplish in safeguarding the promised benefits we earned while serving our country.

Shouldn't you become one of the voices to protect your hard earned benefits? Won't you join us in this fight to save our benefits and to educate Congress as to the promises made to us while we were serving our Country?

If you would like to join the fight, call the National Headquarters at 1 800-338-9337, where the National Staff will be happy to help you join TREA, either by phone or by mail. You may also contact any of the local TREA Chapter 115 officers as shown on

In addition to the vital benefits of having a voice to speak for you in Washington, your membership in TREA brings these BENEFITS as well...