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Who is eligible to join The Retired Enlisted Association (TREA)

Need more information about why to join TREA? Read the Legislative accomplishments data sheet.

Membership Categories:

Regular Members - Any enlisted person, retired from an active or reserve component of the Armed Forces, either for length of service or permanent medical disability shall be eligible for regular membership. A retired member advanced to commissioned or Warrent Officer status, either through recall to active duty or on the retired list shall remain eligible for regular membership as long as his/her dues are kept current. Active duty, Reserve and National Guard enlisted personnel with 10 or more years retirement creditable service shall also be eligible, but membership (including life membership) shall be withdrawn if the person fails to retire from the Armed Forces. The term “regular member” encompasses both charter and life members of TREA.

Associate Members - Widows/widowers of members and non-members, who were eligible for membership at the time of their death, are eligible to join The Retired Enlisted Association as associate members. Associate members are not eligible for life membership. Associate members shall enjoy the privileges of regular membership, except the right to make motions, vote, or hold office.

Two ways to Join:

Contact Mark Davidson, 1st Vice President, for more assistance or if you have questions.